Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So What Do You Get?

I was asked the other day exactly what someone gets when they buy a photo from IthacaStock.com. It's a fair question.

In every case, YOUR delight is our goal, from the customer service you receive to the selection of our array of images to the delivery of your work of art.

Most of our sales are to web designers and graphic artists, who use our images as part of their clients' marketing strategy. Waterfalls and certain buildings of historical significance are the icons of Ithaca, and businesses use these to identify themselves as part of our local community.

They can use images once for either web or print for a price, or for a little more, the client can have unlimited use of the image as part of their identity and web presence.

Still another use is as "Raw Material" for graphic artists. For the minimum fee, artists can download images that they wish to use as a template for their creations. More about that in my next post.

Another possibility is for individuals or businesses to purchase images ready to frame for their businesses' or for their homes walls.

Each of our prints is created at one of the best professional labs in the country, and mounted on mat board. They are given a linen texture and coated with a special protectant to keep the image from fading, and to keep the oils on your hands from degrading the image.

So what is this "canvas upgrade"?

There is nothing like the rich look and feel of a canvas print on your wall. This takes the photo from a simple image to a piece of art. The canvases available from IthacaStock.com have the look and feel of works of art, with a glowing warmth that images on paper just can't compete with.

Each canvas is mounted on a stretcher frame and is ready to be framed. We open and physically examine each canvas before we release it to our clients. It is our intent that you be delighted with every contact with IthacaStock.com, from the initial visit to our web site to taking delivery of your masterpiece.

We can create most of the images you find at IthacaStock.com on canvas from 11X14 to 40X60.

If you don't find the exact size listed, contact us. We would be happy to quote you on exactly the size and presentation of the image you have in mind.

Framing is another option. We can create our canvases and have them framed prior to delivery, or if you wish, you can have them framed at your local professional framer. Again, just contact us at info@ithacastock.com, and we will provide you a quote directly.

Awesome Website of the Week:

www.lensprotogo.com. Paul Friedman, the owner of this innovative business is donating a percentage of his GROSS, not NET, to the Seed Foundation. Click here for more information about the Seed Foundation.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Planning your Photographs

"If I ONLY had my Camera!"

I hear this so many times, but even if you DO have your camera, how many of those images actually come out like you hope? Any of them?

So what do you think: Is it just bad luck? Is it just "being there?" Is it lack of technical savvy? Or is it lack of prepartion and planning?

My guess is the latter. Luck, skill and "being there" are all possible contributors to a magic picture moment, but you can't just expect the image to be planted in front of you, or for the picture to be welcomed to your camera to live for a while.

This never happens.

Images are not captured, they are made. They are planned, anticipated, and ultimately crafted lovingly by people who take the time to understand what they are doing.

This pretty little church in Paxton, MA, was not a simple snapshot.

We drove into town the Friday before Easter, and I saw this little church on the far side of the woods, bathed in weird pinkish floodlights against an indigo twilight sky. I spent a piece of the next day working on equipment and planning where, and how I would capture the image.

I spent about an hour and a half just walking the site to get the exact angle. Then another half hour waiting for the lights to come on and the sky to settle into exactly the indigo shade I wanted. A cloud passing over at the wrong moment would have ruined the look I was after. I
was prepared to come back a second night if nature didn't cooperate.

My students hear it all the time - "If you want the extraordinary image, you have to get uncomfortable." You have to give your time, your creativity, and your comfort level a shake down. Sometimes this means lying down in the mud or snow to get the angle you want. Sometimes it involves cliffs, ladders and other places it is difficult to get to. Sometimes it involves just waiting... and waiting... and waiting until the perfect seconds tick into place.

Other times, you have to get up at 4 AM to get the first rays of dawn illuminating a waterfall or a flock of geese. Just like the post office, photographers have to be out there in snow, rain, and hail. Each element has it's own difficulties, and rewards.

Anyone can stand up, point a camera, and get a fair snapshot. It takes planning and persistance to capture the extraordinary image.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to the artist's corner.

As photographers, we always try to not only show a thing, but a feeling as well. In our craft we sometimes refer to it as a "universal theme" which can be felt and understood by everyone who views the work.

Universal themes are usually easily identified and felt by both the artist and viewer, but not so easily verbalized. Also, a truly versatile image may have the impression of multiple feelings, understood only in the heart of each viewer.

Photographers by nature are emotional animals. We not only look for images, but feelings, tastes, textures as well. We hope you enjoy feeling the work of our photographic artists at IthacaStock.com.