Monday, December 31, 2012

The Joyful Bonds: "Mommy 'n' Me"

Because this moment happens only once… 
Fill your heart and your home this Valentine’s Day with beautiful “Mommy and Me” portraits from Monroe Payne Photography

Valentine’s Day means something special for everyone. We hold memories from our childhood during which we gave our favorite valentine to our sweetheart, and we keep those memories alive by taking pictures for Valentine’s Day. 

Really, the sweetest thing a mother has is that special connection between you and your child. Remember it. Photos are not only the perfect Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift to your husband, but to your own mother and mother-in-law as well.

Your children will one day become adults and cherish the photos of themselves with their mother.  They won’t care that you may have looked a bit tired from staying up all night with a teething baby or that you waited just a little longer to lose those “last few pounds”. They will see how young and beautiful you look, and how much you loved them, and there is nothing more precious than that.

You’ll love our “Mommy and Me” images for the classic, rich black and white tones. We encourage moms to wear either all black or all white for the session, and we will feature the cute and cuddly side of your baby and document the special relationship you have built together. Dads often come to the session, but this is really designed as a quiet session between Mommy & baby.

This is the perfect time to have your little cupids photographed and have the portraits back in time to give to your “Valentine”.

Feel the love this year call Monroe Payne today to schedule your appointment before all the best time slots are full.