Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Lansing Harbor Festival goes to the Dogs

Not really, but the title sounds like fun.

And laughter is what makes life worth living...

But seriously, This year's Lansing Harbor Festival was a great deal of fun for all involved. Activities included a frozen t-shirt contest, Chicken Barbeque contest with a magnificent trophy awarded, and the ribbon cutting of the North House, the oldest structure in Tompkins County, lovingly disassembled and transported to Myers Park to share with the public.

You can find more info on the festival at www.lansingharborfest.org, and photos from this year's event at www.monroepayne.smugmug.com. This year's festival was run by a team of dedicated volunteers, who must have not had any personal life whatsoever for the weeks before this event. They deserve our thanks for an awesome event.

Oh. The dogs.

This was my own idea - the Harbor Festival draws many people from all over who bring their pets. The personalities of the critters can be as distinctive as their owners...