Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Idea

Hamish, resting up before the evening's carnage...

Some things never change.

The cats find every ornament to be a new and exotic toy, especially those that are just out of reach. Especially the glass ones.
The kitchen smells wonderful with cookies, baking breads and the holiday turkey.

In our home, my wife goes all out in making Christmas a time of bright lights, cinnamon and pine smells, fancy swags with ornaments, frosted cookies and snowflakes. Ok, I help, but the project is hers.

Oh yes, the other thing that never changes is that we are never quite ready when Christmas eve arrives. This year is no exception.

With all of this going on, lets take a few moments to remember our blessings.
First, we are alive. That's a good start.
Second, we have a roof, a warm place to sleep, and food - usually at this time of year, too much food.

We have our friends who love us, and our family who puts up with us...

The list can go on and on. My advice to you is to think of each blessing in turn, and say a quiet "Thank You". Nobody needs to hear, as long as your soul hears. Thanks is the greatest gift you can give to others, but it is also the greatest gift you can give yourself.

So try this under the tree on Saturday. When you hand out each present, say thank you. 

Some will know. And the rest - well, share your gift of thanks.

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