Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year's Wish and Commitment.

To all of my awesome friends, the most sincere "Happy New Year" wishes ever.

2011 is going to be a breakout year. 

I have never, EVER been so positive about the coming 12 months as I am now.
The stars are aligning, the foundation has been laid, the big storm (the financial one) has begun to clear, and the sun is beginning to peek out at us all.

At the same time, I think we are all aware that we need to work together to break out. 
Working on our futures alone will get us the same results we have always had in the past.

So let's try something better and different..

I personally commit to helping at least one of you in some way, every week during this coming year. 

This could be something like pointing you in the direction of a contractor you can trust - or an accountant, or a B&B...
Or it could have something to do with photography, (who would have thought....)
Or maybe I could pick you up a gallon of milk on my way home.
Or maybe, I could keep my ears open if you need a job, or write you a testimonial or letter of recommendation.

I'll do this alone if I have to, but it will be so much more fun if I have company on this trip!

Who wants to join me?

Just commit to being open to the opportunity to help each other.
It is the GIVING that makes us feel great.
And forward this to YOUR friends too. Let's make this a BIG party!

So if you have a need, sing out! (this is the cool part) If you have a need, you are not imposing on me, you are giving me an opportunity to do something that will make me feel wonderful.

I know, it sounds almost perverse in its reverse logic, but by you asking for help, you are doing me a favor.

But again, this is not nearly as much fun if I do this alone, and nobody is going to track your good deeds. The benefit is for you and you alone.
Reply to this post if you will commit - or even if you think it's a cool idea.
If we get a great number of people interested, maybe I'll start a Facebook page of people helping each other, where people can post needs and connect with those who can help.

So again, Happy New Year. Have a magnificent 2011!
May your blessings flow and gently touch every one you meet!


Since I emailed this a few days ago, I have gotten a mountain of responses, and the blessings have begun to flow. I have found a good friend from a previous life who was laid off, and wrote him a letter of recommendation, done a testimonial for another business, and a bunch of other stuff. 

But the people who have been moved to think about others while they, themselves are in need has been stunning.

We, together, will make this a better world.

Please let me know your thoughts. Visit the site,, send me an email,, or just follow us. 

2011 is going to be a wonderful ride!

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